trust that life

How I Learned To Trust Life And How It Has Affected Who I Am Today?

trust that life

My trip to England last weekend brought back so many incredible memories that have enormous significance in how I have turned out as a human being, that I found myself reflecting on my current situation in life, and how I’m not quite happy with it. (If you missed it, watch the highlight on my Instagram here!)

How convenient that this trip happened to come about just when we’re about to turn the corner and enter into a new decade. If there’s ever a time to make big life-decisions and take action, it surely is this, right?

I have never been a big consumer of inspirational quotes. I find life itself so inspiring that I don’t need quotes to spew evident facts about it all to me. But sometimes even I come across quotes by influential people that hit a spot.

One such quote was this beautiful example from the legend that is Martin Luther King.

”You don’t have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step.” – Martin Luther King

In his life he cultivated multiple spot-on and brilliant sentences but this struck a cord with me especially. Why particularly? Because I know exactly (both figuratively and literally) what it feels like to stand at a foot of a staircase looking up and not seeing where it ends… If it ever ends.

One such staircase I met in Paris when we started climbing up to the top of the Arc de Triomphe, and another in Lednice, Czech Republic climbing up to the Minaret. (Travel-tip: I strongly recommend to each and every one of you to make a trip to Czech Republic and find your way to the Lednice-Valtice!)

trust that life

trust that life

How I Learned To Trust Life?

In life we all find ourselves in situations where you can’t quite see where you are going, or if you’re going anywhere at all. There’s no clear ending to the road you’re on.

Such situations can be, for example, a divorce; You are detaching yourself from something that has been your entire world for most of your life. You have no idea what awaits, it could be something bad but surely there is something good to come as well.

The only way to find out what it is, is to take that first step, detach yourself and make your way forwards. Just as you have done so many times before in so many other situations, even if they may not have been quite as substantial as a divorce.

Initial shock is guaranteed but it will fade away and be replaced by life realities: the old and familiar ones but also new and exciting things that might have gone unnoticed when you were busy living your life through someone else.

trust that life

Another example, which I am personally very, very familiar with, is the process of deciding to, and moving abroad. You might have a job waiting in another country or you might not. Nonetheless, there is always the element of great risk involved in such a big life change.

Regardless of the risks, I can never know what is to come when I actually cross the border of my home country and embark on the adventure. One must store all the doubts and hesitations away, out of the way, because they will slow you down and pull you backwards when the only way should be forwards.

This can be a hard process to nail for some who might suffer from low self confidence or anxiety; the doubts and hesitations take over and all you can think of is everything that could possibly go wrong. Vice versa, if you manage to beat that doubter inside you, you’re able to ignore all those misgivings and move on regardless.

Even when we acknowledge that there is a chance that it might not all go quite as we would like. The thing to remember is, we shouldn’t believe in failing, but instead in learning. Every failure is rather an opportunity to learn than en embarrassment and an excuse to give up. No failure is all that bad. It might even be excellent!

And with that positive mindset, accompanied by curiosity, it is easier to take the steps all the way to the top and see what lies there waiting for you.

trust that life

How It Has Affected Who I Am Today?

Recently I’ve started to follow some Instagram accounts that are all about inspiring mantras. Not so much to do with quotes, but planetary movements interpreted in regards to our personality (which is often very much in connection with our horoscope sign).

The reason for my interest for, for example, Mantraco’s account lies in the mantras and explanations of the current planetary movements, and how they affect us here on Earth. The keyword here is timing:

Every time I need to see a reminder of my worth, or struggle to keep going when I hit obstacles, I see a post from them that touches that particular mental state where I am at that very moment. And it’s enough to remind me that life will always carry me through whatever I might encounter.

This year I’ve been introduced to manifesting and the Law of Attraction, and I believe in both a hundred per cent. Why? Because I know, looking back at my own life, that all of that actually works! And it’s all down to you.

If you believe you deserve a higher salary, you will find a way to achieve that. If you wish to move to another country, you will move to another country when the time is ripe. Sound familiar?

If there’s a will, there’s a way!

All we need to do is trust that life will carry us, no matter what, and work towards whatever we want.

Sometimes we all dive in deep waters but if even then we’re able to remind ourselves that it’ll all be alright in the end, and that we will later understand the suffering we’re going through now, we will get through it and we will eventually understand. Because there’s always a reason for everything that happens.

trust that life

I’ll admit right now, when hard times hit, I do struggle to believe in the timing of my life. Because sometimes it’s just so very, very bad. How could I trust the timing of my life when my website crashing coincides with me recovering from arrhythmia: could the timing be any worse??

But so many times I’ve witnessed my life organizing itself in the most elegant and surprising ways that make so much sense in the end, that no matter how deep I am, I will eventually remember that I will get through this, just as I’ve gotten through everything else. ‘Cause let me tell you, there’s been quite a lot to get through!

When I realized this and gradually learned to trust that life had me covered, living that life got a lot easier. I don’t plan unnecessarily, I don’t expect much, and I definitely don’t stress about things that are completely out of my control. And I’m always happily surprised. Always!

trust that life

Going back to my trip around England the past weekend, it hit something home for me. Hard! I have never been content with my life in Estonia, but I have gotten stuck here. I don’t regret living here for as long as I have, after all there are some pretty extraordinary things that have come to pass while I’ve been here.

But now the decade is changing, I’ve crossed the 30-threshold, and I’m so ready to let life lead me on to new adventures, and especially to a new country. Although, the country I’m right now aiming my thoughts at isn’t exactly new: I want to move to Brighton.

I might not get there next year (when I dreamed of moving to London, I first moved to Scotland and from there to London), it’s such an important goal for me right now, that I trust that life will happen, and thus I will find myself there one day in the future.

Even if things start unexpectedly, or even badly, we have to push on and keep in mind, it’s never all bad! Things will always turn out okay and you will notice that making that choice to climb those steps was completely worth it. I promise you. Because I know :)

Are you a big doubter, or have you taken some big risks that have then paid off? I’d LOVE to hear! ♥


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