winter wardrobe essentials style
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The 5 Corner Stones of My Winter Wardrobe

winter wardrobe essentials style

winter wardrobe essentials style

Living up in the latitudes that I do atm one has to put a tad more thought into what they wear when stepping out of the door. When the temperature can, at its worst, plummet to -20 Celsius, ankle boots and leather jackets simply will not do. Although, you do see teenagers trying to rock such items out even in such temperatures, and the next thing you hear, they’re in hospital with serious case of hypothermia.

Frost is not a thing to be trifled with. Anything under 0 Celsius can kill you if you’re twat enough. So, layers, thick fabrics and a couple more layers come in handy.

I happen to hate layers when it comes to clothing. Which is one of the many reasons why I hate winter so much; if it was a human being I would’ve been arrested for the most heinous murder many years ago. But since I do not wish to die freezing, layer I must.

Another unfortunate aspect of winter in these temperatures is that you need to make a lot of compromises and, in my opinion, sacrifices style-wise. To make the most out of a desperate style-situation I try to keep a couple things on point. These are my

Winter Wardrobe Essentials:

This post is especially handy for those considering a trip to Lapland to see the Northern Lights, ski, go for a sled ride with reindeer or huskies, or to visit Santa Claus (yes, Christmas is over, but Santa doesn’t just wither away, you know. He actually lives up there all other 364 days a year). Make sure to pack these and you’ll be good.

winter wardrobe essentials style winter wardrobe essentials style

Super-warm pullovers

This Versace Jeans pullover is super comfy and so warm. I don’t usually go for statement pieces but this is so subtle and neutrally coloured that nobody’s eyes should hurt. In addition to this favourite piece I’ve also invested in multiple wool jumpers along the years. I like neutral colours with something extra on them, whether it’s a bit of sparkle or a wide neckline.

Fabric-wise I’d opt for wool, fleece (on the inside layer) or cotton. Note that many wool products should never be put into a washing machine! Either hand wash or put them out to vent. Yeah, I know it sounds weird but believe me, it works. And by washing them in a machine you make sure you’ll need to go shopping for another one in no time.

Okay, I have a confession to make; This is not my pullover… But it’s probably the warmest and the coziest I’ve worn. And, since men’s clothes worn by women is totally in fashion this year I’m just trying to stay in style by stealing borrowing my boyfriends clothes.

A turtle-neck top for layering

I sang praise for discovering a new best friend on the clothing front late last year in this post. For someone who hates layering more than anything else this discovery was revolutionary. Turtle-necks are super versatile: wear them underneath a loose pullover, a blazer or a dress. So easy, so neat, so chic!

Make sure you choose a turtle-neck top that’s quite slim and the fabric thin enough that it looks good under other pieces. The fabric should be something that breathes well to avoid those awkward armpit puddles, right ladies?

The blue turtle-neck top in the post I linked above, is an ancient (seriously, closing to 10 years already) purchase from no other than H&M. Oh yes, sometimes you can strike gold there.

winter wardrobe essentials style

A scarf the size of a marquee

Since growing up in cold conditions I haven’t really thought of scarves from the accessory point of view. To me scarves are all about practicality and keeping my throat covered from the icy, deadly fingers of frost. I do have a lot of scarves, though, for every occasion but I tend to use 2 of them on a daily basis. A huge wool scarf knitted by my grandmother and a lighter but warm wrapper from Vila.

Scarves can be much more than just neck-covers, though. Couple years back clothing stores stocked their shelves with over-sized scarves that could be used as cloaks as well as neck-ware. And last year embroidered silk scarves became a massive thing, wrapped around your neck like a necklace.

Whether you prefer a pretty scarf or a neutral colour with emphasis on its practicality, there are plenty of options to choose from; from silk to wool to cotton to viscose. Make sure it covers your neck completely in case you’re on your way to the Northern hemisphere.

winter wardrobe essentials style winter wardrobe essentials style

Sturdy (but elegant) boots

When it comes to shoes, I hate winter the most! Snow and ice prevent me from using 80% of my shoe closet’s inhabitants and it drives me insane! Shoes are my way of topping off all of my outfits, and I don’t like wearing the same shoes two days in a row. But winter pisses on all my preferences on the shoe-front.

I tried to struggle on heels as far as I was able but the day came when I had to give in and find myself a pair of proper leather boots with no heel.

My requirements for the boots were; slim, proper leather, and as elegant as possible. I searched for couple years until I finally found this lovely pair by Caprice. The boots have seen the horrors of 2 winters already but still look like new. A little bit on investing and some good care will take you a long way, I can guarantee.

winter wardrobe essentials style winter wardrobe essentials style

A pair of warm gloves

I suffer from very weak peripheral circulation, which means that my hands and feet are almost always freezing. Even in tropical temperatures. So, having proper gloves is a must for me. The problem is, I keep losing my gloves faster than I manage to find new ones. My mum once gifted me a pair of really nice leather gloves… I think they lasted about 2 weeks before I left them somewhere.

Since then I’ve stuck to cheap but thick gloves. These sheep wool gloves I purchased from the Tallinn Christmas Market couple years back and they are the only gloves that are sufficiently thick and warm for my needs. I did actually lose these once as well (left them on a balcony railing when we were on a tour about KGB spies) but thankfully I got them back.


This winter has been particularly difficult because temperatures have plummeted to extreme levels and there’s so much snow that walking normally is simply not possible. Style-wise that has meant extreme compromises and, for someone who likes to bring an extra level to any outfit by incorporating heels to it, those compromises were not something I was willing to make…

It’s tough, the life of a fashionista! #firstworldproblems But we must make the most of the situation and remember that better (style)times are ahead. I can literally see the light at the end of the tunnel already; the days are fast becoming longer and lighter. That already makes my mood improve. But until the sunny Spring arrives I’m gonna keep warm, and as stylish as I can, with the aforementioned strategy.

What’s your strategy for surviving the colder days? xx


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