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Behind The Scenes – Failed Fashion Shots

Bloggers are sometimes criticised for being fake and only showing the bright side of life, which then creates pressure on their followers to strive for similar lifestyle of perfection.

Which is, of course, impossible, because a blogger’s life is never just what you see on social media. It’s such a shame, though, that such beautiful content that has been created with a lot of time and energy, perhaps even money invested in it, is then frowned upon like that.

So, I decided to contribute to this debate of fake vs. not-so-fake by giving you a little sneak peek behind the scenes. First up, let me tell you about how I create my fashion photos:

I don’t have a photographer, but I am looking to hopefully hire someone who would be available whenever I need them. Thankfully I don’t need fashion shots every week, because finding someone to take those photos is sometimes really hard.

Most of the time I “use” my friends and ask them to take a couple quick shots when we’re on our way to some event and I happen to like my outfit. And whenever I go home I pack as many nice outfits as I can fit into my suitcase, and utilize my mum for the photo-taking.

She’s quickly become my favourite photographer because she’s not shy in directing me with my poses and the pictures taken by her are always really good. It’s also super important that you feel comfortable in the process. We don’t want those Miss Universe-worthy fake smiles now, do we?

But even when the photographer is right, your outfit is rockin’ good, and everything’s sway, there are those moments when you’re in the process of changing a pose, balancing on a stair and shouting directions at the photographer when the shutter goes.

And when you download those photos to your laptop and start going through them, hilarity ensues. Just like you can find blooper videos shot in movie sets, my contribution to this phenomena is this post. So, here goes, my photo bloopers!

What the heck is this??

In pretty much every photo shoot there are 1 or 2 photos where I seem to struggle to understand how the items in my hand ended up in my hand, and what the purpose of the thing is.

Failed Fashion Shots

Failed Fashion Shots

“This lady shall not be served any more alcohol!”

Would be said by any bartender who saw me entering a bar like this:

Failed Fashion Shots Failed Fashion Shots


As we know, posing in heels can sometimes be tricky. Balancing on one foot trying to find a good pose, or walking forwards to get a nice active photo will almost always end with couple photos where I’m about to fall, or tripping all over the place.

How many out there knows the struggle?

Failed Fashion Shots

Failed Fashion Shots


What exactly was going on in these couple photos, I find myself unable to explain. All I can say is, I seem to have been struggling to some measure.

Failed Fashion Shots

Failed Fashion Shots

Thankfully I had saved some of the failed photos with the thought of this post in my mind already months ago. Because most often I do end up deleting the photos that would never end up on my log anyway.

I’m quite an expressive person, so no matter who’s taking my pictures I will always end up with pictures of myself making weird faces in the process of changing from one pose to another.

I wonder if those super bloggers, like Victoria from Inthefrow, have “problems” like this? Do they ever get completely failed shots among all the beautiful, professional and composed photos?

What do you think about posts like this, the little sneak peeks “backstage”? Would you want to see more in regards to how these posts are created, what it takes and how it looks in reality? I’d love to hear your thoughts. ♥


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