How To Grow Instagram Following in Week

How I’m Growing My Instagram Following in One Week

In the previous post I explained how I ended up embarking on an Instagram challenge that arrived to my e-mail on Tuesday. I chose 3 tasks to concentrate on and here are my daily observations on the progress so far:


DAY 1 : 189 followers

It’s Wednesday and time to start my challenge!

But I feel like shit, it’s been dark for the past three days and nights, and there seems to be no relief from this rain and moodiness in the near future. I suffer from SAD, which I wrote about here, and it makes it extremely hard for me to cope on a daily basis; even getting a cup of coffee in the morning can be too much to ask.

So, starting an Insta challenge, when I can’t give a toss about anything else but sleeping until May, was a bit tricky. But I had scheduled an image I wanted to post today so I’m at least going to do that.

I wrote a nice little caption for the picture yesterday explaining the challenge. That caption went straight to bin and I had to come up with a replacement. I believe in honesty so I wrote the situation in the caption just as it is; I was supposed to start with a bang but instead I’m starting modestly. At least I started, which is what I had decided!

Within 2 hours from posting the picture I received over 30 likes and about 10 new followers, which means that I have finally crossed over the threshold of 200 followers! Due to the follow-unfollow types I don’t expect the number to stay over 200 for long but at least I finally broke that number.

In the evening, just chilling on the couch, I start to think about the coming week and what sorts of stories I could post each day. I ended up planning, scheduling and creating for hours on end until my eyes got too tired and I had to go to bed.

Ending the day with 209 followers.

Outlandish blog how grow Instagram followers week blogging challenge Summer white dress fountain

DAY 2 : 204 followers

I woke up with the thought “Christ, being active on social media takes SO much time and planning!” Because it does. You can’t just go and splash whatever on your feed. Or you can, but then you shouldn’t be too surprised when your accounts don’t attract too much attention.

The pictures need to be thought out beforehand, a location for them picked and the photos taken. After which the pictures need to be edited and matched with a catchy caption when posted online. And then one must come up with a list of hashtags. That’s a lot of work as well because those hashtags need to be relevant, and just 2 won’t do!

Then there are the Insta Stories. Making nice-looking, functioning stories take even more time! Yeah I could just video myself talking about whatever but I’ve gotten the impression that such stories are not too popular. Am I wrong on this, please advice?

So, yesterday evening I spent hours planning stories for each day of the week, making beautiful posters and infographs (oh my goodness how much work an infograph can take!) and marking each into my calendar so that I will be reminded on what should go online which day.

I’m only on my 2nd day of this challenge and I already have a completely new respect and a lot of admiration for my favourite bloggers who are able to post beautiful Insta stories every day at the same time as they are running from one fashion show to the next and writing interesting blog posts.

I’d actually like your opinion on something:

When posting a photo to your feed, do you think it’s better to post the hashtags as a comment after you’ve posted the picture OR do you prefer to mark hashtags underneath the caption?

So, I took a look at my feed in the morning and determined which picture to post. Then I had all the stories I made the day before ready in Canva (where I constructed them) and I posted them after lunch hour (I’m considering the time difference here; it’s morning in Western Europe and reeeeally early morning in the US). On top of that I continued being actively social by commenting on other Grammers’ pictures. All 3 tasks covered!

Haul count: after posting the picture I got 16 new followers but the picture itself got only 21 likes in 4 hours. Conclusion: It wasn’t a very good picture I posted…

Ending the day with 216 followers (I got all the way to 219 but the ’unfollow’-trend is strong).

Outlandish blog how grow Instagram followers week blogging challenge Summer white dress fountain

Day 3 : 214 followers

This shit requires some proper planning and preparing, let me tell you! I got home from work yesterday and IMMEDIATELY had to decide what I would wear to work today, and shoot a short video. Because there was only about 15 minutes of light left in the day! Real problems of living up North.

I wanted to shoot a tiny video to post as a story where I talk. And it was surprisingly nerve-wrecking because my native language is not English, but I quickly adopted a British accent when I moved there over 10 years ago. But now I’m SUPER worried that I might have lost the lovely accent.

In the end the video was about 9 seconds long and I said one sentence. On top of that I had again prepared a lovely ‘Good Morning’-poster for the story and I took an outfit selfie before leaving for work. And for the rest of the day I could just go with the flow and post random moments of my day to continue the story.

I also posted a selfie on my feed and I have a feeling that this is proof of the fact that if you try too hard, you’ll never get what you want; before embarking on this challenge, if I posted a picture, it got noticed immediately and the first 10-20 likes came flying in within the first 15 minutes. NOW I’ve posted pictures yesterday and today and the reaction has been in one word pathetic. Within 15 minutes the picture got 3 likes…

Is Instagram acting against me? Or was my picture so ugly?… Haul count: after posting the picture I got 4 new followers and the picture itself got 21 likes in 4 hours.

So, I posted another picture… and within just 30 minutes I got another 4 followers and 20 likes! So I think we’ve established that good pictures are the key!

In the end I got 17 new followers and altogether 76 likes; 34 for the 1. picture and 41 for the 2. And STILL

Ending the day with 214 followers (started with 214, got 17 new followers but ended up with 214… WHAT’S THE POINT??)

DAY 4 : 211 followers

Seriously, there’s some sort of algorithm in Instagram that probably spots if you’re purposefully aiming to grow your following on the app! I’m certain of it, because my results have NEVER been so shit as they’ve been after starting this challenge, and they’re just getting worse :D Something’s up…

And despite GAINING a lot of followers my numbers still keep DECREASING and that really annoys me. And sort of puts me off the whole challenge.

So today, to avoid ruining the best day of the week, Saturday, I’m gonna have a regular Saturday, scroll Insta aimlessly, maybe post something but numbers can go and fuck themselves for now.

Ending the day with 216 followers




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