Outlandish blog unplug summer vacation holiday relax vogue coffee peonies macarons

How To Unplug And Fully Enjoy This Summer

Outlandish blog unplug summer vacation holiday relax vogue coffee peonies macarons

Reading blogs is one of my favourite ways to pass time. It’s sort of like reading books but they’re about real life experiences by real people. One of my favourite blogs is Wit&Delight for the sole reason that the authors have an amazing gift when it comes to writing and photography. I find so much inspiration from this blog each week.

For example, inspiration for this post you’re currently reading came from this article. And guess what? As a result I’ve got news! After doing a little bit of research on the subject I can now conclude that:

We Millennials are at complete advantage when it comes to unplugging for the Summer! Or Winter holidays, or a weekend trip.

Oh yes, multiple surveys (here, here and here) show that Millennials (born between years 1980-1995) are actually much better and smarter at controlling their time spent online than what is often feared.

When you decide to leave your phone alone for a certain amount of time it is literally referred to as ‘unplugging’. And it turns out that Millennials have got the hang of it better than older generations.

This has a direct effect on how we perceive our free time overall; kicking all obligations to the curve is appreciated and very highly valued by Millennials, whereas older generations have a stronger feeling of responsibility, which can often interfere with their ‘own time’.

Being so tech-savvy Millennials also know that unplugging completely is probably not the best idea. We grew up with Internet and thus have a more thorough understanding of it, which is mainly a positive thing;

The risk of getting lost is reduced because we can always find ourselves on the (Google)map; The danger of being misunderstood due to language barriers disappear when we navigate our way through the translation apps; And managing our expenses has never been so easy: simply feed the sums paid by whoever into an app, which then calculates who owes who and how much instead of each of us carrying a stack of receipts around.

There are very few Millennials who enjoy spending resources on package-deal holidays, staying on one beach the whole week and eating in that one Irish pub day after day. Instead most of us like to be active, self-sufficient and, if possible, also take part in volunteering activities, such as helping turtles.

A lot of us like to travel to remote and less “mainstream” places, aren’t afraid of living in rougher conditions and want to help the community on the way by purchasing services provided by locals rather than big corporations (such as hotels).

And what’s best is that we are guilt-free in regards to social norms; we don’t care if some ancient norms have in the past dictated that our sole purpose in life is to reproduce and work for big corporations in order to pay our taxes, no! If we want to take a year-long vacation in Thailand, then we will do it regardless of what anyone might think or say.

This is our one life and we will live it exactly as we like. Because we can!

It so happened that on our vacation to Dubrovnik in June my laptop broke immediately when we arrived to the destination. So, my plans of updating pictures and happenings to my blog in real time were crushed. But in fact I think it was Life happening again because having a break from the blog as well as the actual 9-5 job was a good thing in the end.

I returned to the drawing table with a newfound enthusiasm and a bunch of new ideas.

I think that’s the whole point of unplugging; you give yourself permission to just forget about all obligations and schedules because in the long run it will benefit you. Sometimes it’s hard to unplug, though. There might be family or relationship troubles, worries about a project gone bad or the company laying off people.

If you struggle to properly get into the holiday mode I suggest you ask yourself one question:

“Is this something I can affect by taking action right now or might it be better to just take care of me first?”

Learning to be kinder to yourself will have a ripple-effect on everything around you, so that’s your first step to the ultimate Summer relaxation. Say what? You were supposed to meet up with a group of friends on your first day into a holiday but don’t feel like leaving the comfort of your sunny balcony just yet? That’s fine!

Tell your friends you’ll see them later, grab that book you’ve been meaning to start for ages, pour yourself a glass of rosé and get comfortable on that balcony of yours. Because the truth is, everything else can wait :)

Outlandish blog unplug summer vacation holiday relax vogue coffee peonies macarons



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