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How To Wear The Head-To-Toe Neutral Trend

neutral trend

Let’s talk Spring fashion! In particular the head-to-toe neutral trend. A trend that keeps appearing repetitively on the runways every single year when someone mentions ‘Spring’. And why not! Neutral tones look lovely in the sunshine after months of darkness.

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One of this Spring/Summer season’s main trends is to drape yourself in neutrals from head to toe. I can almost hear most of my friends sighing with adoration. Personally I tend to opt for something more colourful.

But now I find myself getting more and more attracted to this style. The more I see examples of the trend being worn on the streets, the better I like it. And as it happens, I have all the required pieces of clothing already in my closet! All I need to do is to work this trend to the max.

Fact is, neutral colours are especially easy to wear. The neutrality makes those pieces of clothing easy to pair up with other colours, and the neutral trend is among the timeless classics. You can never really go wrong with wearing the neutral trend.

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How To Wear The Head-To-Toe Neutral Trend

When thinking about neutral colours, we always tend to think about light shades of beige. But in fact, neutral colours are a wide array of different tones, from beige to green to light blue and lilac. There’s plenty of unexpected variety that this trend beholds.

What tone suits you, then? Now, that’s something I encourage you to think about before purchasing any new nude clothes IF your skin tone is of the paler sort. Coming from up North I’ve been “blessed” with unnaturally pale skin tone. That limits the amount of neutral tones that look okay on me.

Tanned skin gives one much more room to experiment with different tones. But if you’re pale, the paler tones can easily “wash you out“. So, before purchasing any neutral pieces perhaps check which tones go well with your skin tone by matching the fabrics to your skin in the store. Remember, though, that natural light is much more revealing than the lights in the stores.

Here’s how I intend to go all out with this awesome trend this season:

Mix similar tones

If you manage to find a top and a bottom piece of exactly the same neutral tone, go for it! Monochroming (yes, it’s a word now!) is totally in at the moment.

But to bring a little bit of intrigue to your outfit I’d recommend mixing different shades of neutral colours. Just keep to similar tones while mixing. For example, different shades of nude or olive from top to bottom.  A safe way to do this is to opt for a colder and softer tone of the same colour.

I particularly like mixing darker tones with lighter tones, just like I’ve done in these photos. All the pieces are a bit different tones and they go together so nicely.

The trousers are my absolute favourites and they cost about 5€ from some small store in Czech Republic. And the top I got from one of those rummaging sessions when a friend has emptied their wardrobe, and gifts unused clothes to the others. Slow Fashion in action big time!

The high heels I found in Paris years ago, but haven’t been able to wear them much since they don’t do well with rain. And it never stops raining here… With this outfit it’s so easy to add accessories to bring the outfit to the next level, or to bring in a bit of colour.

neutral trend

Mix textures

Different textures take a simple nude outfit to a whole new level. So, get experimenting!

Mix together leather and silk or velvet and denim. Textures bring different movement to the outfit and add layers, so you won’t be drowned under all the lightness.

Here I’m mixing denim with wool and the combo is both soft, but also noticeable. The sparkly thread on the jumper helps too, of course.

If you want to make sure your outfit matches the standards of classic chic you could always pair a white tee with light organic cotton trousers. The perfect combo for a hot Summer day at the office, wouldn’t you agree?

neutral trend


I can’t pass a bit of colour if my outfit is neutral in tone. So, I could easily add a bright yellow bag to this combo.

But if you’re looking for a more classic style, opt for a bag or statement earrings sporting a subtle animal print. Keep the colour profile under control by choosing prints that incorporate neutral colours. There are hundreds of options with subtle leopard print on the bag front.

Probably the simplest way to accessorize up an outfit is to add a pair of fabulous sunglasses to the mix. Huge, statement sunglasses are very trendy this season, so get your celebrity-mode on and “hide” behind a pair of sunnies.

neutral trend

How do you feel about this trend? Hit or a miss? Are you a neutral-lover or a colourful tyke?

I would love to hear how you’re going to rock this trend this season! One can never have too many new outfit ideas, right? Comment below! ♥


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