7-Day Challenge For Better Week

Gentle 7-Day Challenge For A Better Week

7-Day Challenge For Better Week

It’s Summer and we all have more time to invest on ourselves. So, this is the time to start thinking whether there might be some things that could be done differently in your everyday life in order to increase your quality of life.

I’ve seen challenges all over the internet that promise to bring more hygge and zen in your life, but the things that these challenges tend to ask of you seem quite excessive and a bit too ambitious.

I mean, people who want to learn to be kinder to themselves shouldn’t be asked to set huge goals for themselves, about which they then feel like crap when they don’t manage to achieve them all.

More pressure on people who already feel like they’re toppling under pressure? Not okay.

So, I took a look at what are some of the little things that increase my life quality in the everyday scheme of things, and I put together a gentle little challenge, that I hope you will find helpful as well.

The point of this is to make tiny, little changes and additions in your lifestyle each day. And if you keep these new little habits up week after week, perhaps you’ll notice a positive switch in your mood.

Gentle 7-Day Challenge For A Better Week

7-Day Challenge For Better Week


Mondays are the worst for many of us, so let’s start things off easy. On Monday I want you to

Buy flowers or a new house plant

Greenery improves air quality in your apartment and green colour is known to reduce stress levels. That’s why a walk in the woods is the smartest thing to do when you feel super stressed out.

But in case you live in the city and the nearest woods are a place where you do not tend to venture, you will do just fine by adding little spots of greenery in your apartment.

I don’t have much of a green thumb, so I buy a bouquet of flowers every couple weeks. And it’s a lovely thing coming home from work and see the beautiful bouquet first thing.

7-Day Challenge For Better Week


Turn on some chill music and cook a healthy dinner

Healthy dinners can often be of the more complex kind (can you see that I ain’t no kitchen person?). A lot more cutting, slicing and assembling goes into making, for example, a vegetarian meal than if you just threw a steak on a pan to fry.

But since it’s recommended to cut down on consuming red meat, let’s agree that by ‘healthy‘ we mean anything but. Opt for fish or chicken if vegetarian seems too much of a leap.

I do still eat red meat, but very rarely. And the feeling afterwards is not comfortable, which for me confirms all those studies to be right; our bodies were not designed to consume as much red meat as we do.


Have a screen-free evening

I know, this can be tough! But it’s for our own benefit. Just one evening a week can already do wonders to our well-being. And yes, this does include also TV.

Replace the screen-staring with playing board games, reading a book, journaling, or with creating something.

We used to go and play board games in bars when we were studying in Uni and I actually miss that. Somehow we tend to leave board games to the childhood, but we really shouldn’t! They’re so much fun. And much better for you than staring at your phone screen getting your neck in a cramp.

7-Day Challenge For Better Week


Go to bed early

Sleep problems have become the new blight of the 21st century. If we ourselves do not suffer from insomnia or other sleep-related issues, we sure know more than one person who does!

Try going to sleep an hour earlier than normal just one day a week. Make it a pampering event, spray some lavender oil into your bedroom, wear your most comfortable pajama, and most importantly, shut off your phone.

Read a book or discuss something light with your partner before turning off the lights. Whatever relaxes you.

If you find it difficult to fall asleep, I’ve found that if my head is teeming with thoughts I focus on my breathing. I listen to and feel how I breathe, and slowly everything else will fall off your mind and you drift off into sleep.


Arrange a movie night with family or friends

I love arranging movie nights; no fancy dresses, no insane cleaning days beforehand, just some people I love on the couch with pillows and blankets tucking into buckets of popcorn.

If you want to bring a bit of Friday glamour into the mix, pop a bottle of bubbly.

Gone are the days when I’d run home from work, do a quick change of clothes and rush off to a friend’s place to a party on a Friday night. Instead, what I love the most is to still spend Fridays with friends, but preferably somewhere where we don’t need to queue, be squashed by a crowd or to shout over the music.

7-Day Challenge For Better Week


Have the ultimate slow morning

I’ve written about the perfect morning routine before, and I still stand by the fact that no successful person denies themselves sleeping long on a Saturday morning and taking ages waking up.

It’s the weekend, it’s your own time, it’s time to calm down. So, sleep until noon if you feel like it, and don’t you dare feel guilty because you “wasted the morning”. You did not! Instead, you did yourself a favour and caught up with some overdue sleep.

It’s Saturday so you’re allowed to have whatever you like for breakfast. Treat yourself and have that breakfast in bed. And even after finishing breakfast, there’s no hurry to get up. Read a book, scroll Instagram, just chill.

And when you do get up, have a wonderful day off!


Head outdoors

As I mentioned on the Monday bit, getting out among some greenery is the best stress-relief there is. But in case there are no forests near by, you could just as well go for a walk around the block.

Just get outside, get some fresh air, discover some corners of the city you live in, that you haven’t been to before. Yes, there are corners like that! I myself live in a teeny tiny city, and every week I find a new street, building or a whole area in this place.

Getting out doesn’t just provide you with fresh air, but you might end up finding your new favourite café when you stop somewhere for a cuppa.  The opportunities when embarking on an aimless walk are endless.

7-Day Challenge For Better Week

Implement these little things into your life for one week, and if you feel good about it all, continue on that path for the coming weeks too.

Without noticing these will become habits that you don’t even pay attention to. But they make you feel more content, and like there’s just a little bit order in this chaos that we call life.

It really doesn’t take much more to raise your quality of life than making couple little changes here and there.

And please report back to me either here or on Instagram on how you get on; I’d love to know if there’s something you would change, replace or leave out completely. ♥


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