Things I Haven't Done

Recap On Things I Haven’t Done That Most People Have

Things I Haven't Done Things I Haven't Done Things I Haven't Done

There’s one post in my repertoire that exceeds all others when it comes to popularity over a long period of time;

10 Things That I Haven’t Done That Most People Have

For the past 6 months this post has stayed on the Top 5 of my blog’s most popular posts, and reading through it I thought it might be time to have a little recap. Has something changed from that list? Have I joined the majority of human race in some of these actions?

Let us have a little look on the things I hadn’t done by September 2018, accompanied by photos of beautiful Spring blossoming in Tallinn, and what the situation is now:

Things I Haven't Done Things I Haven't Done

Opened a Twitter account – I actually did do this very recently! It was mainly for my full-time job’s benefit, but I actually haven’t posted anything there. I would need to sit down and come up with a proper strategy for my Twitter, because at the moment it’s as if I didn’t have it at all.

Watched Game of Thrones – Nope, this hasn’t changed. I mean, I know exactly what’s going on in it, because you can’t avoid all the plot spoilers popping up on Instagram, Facebook and even newspapers. And I have seen an episode here and another one there in the past, so I’m on the map.

Driven a scooter or a motor cycle – This hasn’t changed. One of my colleagues does have a motorcycle, though, but I’m sure she knows better than to let me try it out.

Done drugs – Ever. Still. And very proud of this, in fact, even though I’m not here to judge anyone who does do drugs. It’s everyone’s own decision, just like my decision is to poison myself with alcohol instead.

Eaten oysters – Nope. I did have the perfect opportunity to do this in Hawaii at New Year, but I opted out of this possibility when the tray was circling our table.

Things I Haven't Done Things I Haven't Done Things I Haven't Done

Traveled outside of Europe – YES I HAVE! Finally! And not just anywhere close, like Egypt or Turkey, but allll the way to the opposite side of the planet to Hawaii. It was quite an experience, because traveling in Europe is so bloody simple; no Visas or border controls or any sorts of hindering measures. I have a whole new appreciation for our systems here now.

Not tripped in high heels – well, this is irreversible like the damages on my knees, clearly visible on the photos for y’all where my knees aren’t covered. But hey, scars tell of life that has been lived! And most of those scars came to be on our way to or from a party, so very happy times indeed.

Gotten a piercing – Nah, still just have my ears pierced. But I don’t really have any urge to get piercings any more. I’m happy with the holes I have already (ehe ehe).

Had a surgery – Not, unless we count the wisdom teeth removal operation, which didn’t include a knife, but did include a drill, an axe and a shovel. Miniature ones, of course, but nonetheless gory.

Liked horror movies – Yeah, still don’t. The older I get the less tolerance I have for gory “entertainment” because it doesn’t entertain me one bit. Instead it brings me nightmares and makes washing my hair a nightmare, because I can’t close my eyes for the fear of someone standing there when I open them.

Things I Haven't Done Things I Haven't Done

So, only 2 things from this list have changed. And one of them not that much. For continuation reasons I thought I’d add here 5 more things I haven’t done that most people have:

Started a workout routine – If you hadn’t caught the gist yet, I don’t like gyms. I also don’t like setting any requirements or goals for myself, which do not cause me joy, or which are easy to weasel out of. I do like running, but on my very own terms when I feel like it and weather permitting. That’s as strict as I allow myself to be on myself.

Worn face-masks at home – Oh yes, I’m not big on pampering myself with a clear skincare routine. Maybe I should be. But somehow I always find better places to put that money than on face-masks. The only places where I do wear face-masks are actual facials at a professional.

Run a marathon – Despite loving running, I’ve never even considered participating. Maybe one day I will. I love a big event after all, and marathons are great opportunities to have fun and meet new people in addition to getting in shape.

Eaten lobster – There have been so many times when I’ve wanted to and could have done this but didn’t. I often find something even more enticing on the menu and skip this, which means that I’m still left without. Maybe this year…

Been on a diet – And hope I never will be. I thankfully know my body well enough to know when it needs exercise, more or less food, and which quality of food to stay in shape. My overall diet is quite unhealthy, but it’s something that works for me. And when it doesn’t, I change it.

Things I Haven't Done Things I Haven't Done

Things I Haven't Done

And now I will challenge you to make a list of things you haven’t done that most people have! I love reading lists like this, there are always some surprises that bring us a little bit closer to the reader, don’t you think?

Link your lists/posts to comments here, and let’s get to know each other a bit better! ♥


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