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Get To Know Me: 25 x Currently I Am…

I’ve been running this blog now for just over a year and my traffic is growing week after week. There are new people being introduced to my blog on a daily basis, and I hope you all enjoy the content that I create.

Due to this fast growth I thought at the beginning of this year that it would be nice to provide you, my darling follower, with little glimpses of my life and persona, so that you could better understand who exactly is back here, abusing this keyboard.

So, I decided to start writing a series of revealing posts, bringing to the front stage things about me that many people don’t know, and little sneak peeks ‘backstage’. So far I’ve spilled the beans on

Things I Haven’t Done That Most People Have,

Behind The Scenes – Failed Fashion Shots,

10 Things That People Don’t Know About Me, and

15 Observation On What It’s Like Being 30.

So, here’s a little glimpse on the 25 things that I am currently doing.

Get To Know Me

25 x Currently I Am…


Kate Morton’s The House at Riverton. I love Morton’s books, they’re the perfect escape from reality with a great mix of mystery and English history. Wow, that was poetic.


Hard to get. Nah, I’m not actually playing it, I am bloody hard to get :D


I’ve got Youtube rumbling on the background always. Whether it’s chill background music or British TV shows, there’s always noise wherever I am.


to stay focused at work while Summer is telling me to get outside and enjoy these couple weeks when we are blessed with warm weather and sunshine. Because it will be over before we know it.

Also, my trip to Edinburgh is ever closer and all I can think about is what I will pack and what I will do while there.

Get To Know Me


my next week’s lunch. I have to save money because I don’t want to count pennies in Scotland. I want to enjoy my time there to the max, and having to consider my every move from the financial point of view would just ruin the whole thing.


water. Always drinking water at work. Number 1, it’s good for you, number 2, it’s a good excuse to get up from my chair to walk to the water machine.


candy. Every week we get a batch of chocolate and liquorice brought to the office by people who travel to Finland for weekends. They bring candy as souveniers from the boat.


I don’t actually like calling people. Somehow talking on the phone has never felt that natural to me. I very much prefer talking with people face-to-face. So, even though I live abroad I’d rather save all my stories for when I see my friends and family in person again than call them.


I text all the time. But texting means that it’s nothing urgent, so it’s mostly just funny encounters and occurrences that I like to report to family and friends. And once a week I have to text mum asking for advice on cooking-related issues.

Get To Know Me


I know this probably refers to Pinterest but in fact I am at the moment pinning Facebook campaigns on the top of each page. That’s my job, creating a lot of Facebook and Instagram campaigns.


really well, thank you very much for asking.


for lunch as soon as I get my priority-tasks done for the day. I’m a firm believer in to-do lists, which means that I have a list of tasks each morning that I prioritize to those I need to do before lunch and everything else.


Summer! And my job, because it allows me to enjoy Summer by giving me the opportunity to work from anywhere. Which means that on a sunny day I don’t need to wither away at the office, but can instead work from a terrace.


the fact that Autumn and Winter are approaching. I know exactly how the unavoidable darkness will once again affect me, and it does scare me a bit. I’m going to lose my will to live in a couple of month’s time…

Get To Know Me


possible holiday destinations. Last week I wrote about the possibility to do things differently this time around and spend a holiday volunteering in Africa instead of going for a basic beach holiday. On the other hand Thailand seems like an interesting option to escape the Autumn darkness.


Summer. Summer, Summer, Summer! I dunno if you got it yet but I LOVE SUMMER! I’m genuinely scared of Autumn arriving and taking all of my energy and will to live away from me, so I’m enjoying every single little thing about Summer right now. You don’t really appreciate grass being green until you lose it!


about someone, obviously ;)


chill. Things are okay at the moment. I’ve got a trip to Edinburgh coming up next week, work is fine and life is flowing as it does. #lifeisgood


to find company for my next vacation ASAP. I don’t want to book or plan anything before I’ve got the company nailed down. Because one thing is for sure; I do not want to holiday alone!


to some chill playlist on Youtube. I always need to have music when I’m working.


life. Every day. Tacky? Yes, probably, but I don’t care.

Get To Know Me


what I will have for lunch. The biggest and the most fundamental question every single day! And after lunch I will start considering about dinner… Never-ending circle this.


the fact that things turned out okay for me in the end. When I moved to Estonia I thought that starting a life here would be just as easy as it was in Scotland and Slovakia.

But I was seriously wrong and things were worse than bad for almost full 2 years. That’s a long time to be miserable and feel like you’re wasting your life! But all’s good now.


this blog post. Although I still need to take and edit the photos….


the next blog post. Or actually ‘continuing’ would be a better word because I’ve got couple posts that are at the “skeleton” stage, with just a mind map or notes on main points. I have to write the posts out and get photographing.


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