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Colour Coordinated Outfit Of The Day And How To Do It

Outlandish blog colour coordinate style fashion trend

Outlandish blog colour coordinate style fashion trend

Outlandish blog colour coordinate style fashion trend

As my “long-term” readers know, I like to set out my outfits every evening so that I can just jump into them the next morning. I do not function well enough in the morning to be able to put together an eligible outfit.

I rely heavily on Pinterest for inspiration when it comes to choosing my outfits. I have a board there equipped with pictures of outfit ideas for clothes that I already have. I do not like pinning myself a shopping list because I can’t afford all of the fabulous things that one comes across on Pinterest anyway. So I keep it simple and concentrate on pinning only outfits that I can build from things that are already in my closet.

This outfit combo in the pictures came together quite unconsciously; I knew I wanted to wear those particular high heels and the jacket was an obvious thing. Since I had chosen a black Summer dress I decided that the accessories needed some colour. The pink Swatch watch is my favorite item of choice if an outfit requires a splash of colour. It also matched the flower embroidery on my heels.

But then, quite without realizing, I also chose a pair of earrings that had a splash of pink on them and a pastel pink bag, all which match the embroidery colours on my shoes. And then I painted my nails. Blue, like my jacket AND the embroidery on the shoes.

Being so matchy, matchy isn’t probably the most fashionable thing to do but it all worked together really nicely, I thought. And I only realized just how colour coordinated I was when I got home from work.

Colour coordinating is a practice that a lot of people struggle with, but I found you a handy helper: the colour wheel.

The wheel consists of the three primary colours in the middle – yellow, blue and red – surrounded by a tier of secondary colours. Why are these 3 the primary colours? Because by mixing these three you get the secondary colours:

blue + yellow = green
blue + red = violet
yellow + red = orange
yellow + blue + red = brown

Outlandish blog colour coordinating colour wheel outfit

The colour wheel has been assembled so that you can see which colours can be safely mixed together in an outfit: for example always match warm colours (red, yellow and orange) or cold colours together (blue, violet, green).

Notice that the wheel does not include white, black or gray. These are neutral colours (some would go as far as saying that black and white are not colours at all), which you can mix and match with everything safely.

The easiest way to ensure a stylish outfit is to pair a neutral colour with one of the primary colours: the best example of this is the most iconic combination, a white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Never goes out of fashion!

Another good tip is to pair up colours that are next to each other on the wheel, for example red and yellow. This could be as easy as pairing a bright red top with gold jewelry. If you’d like to add pink lipstick on that, go for it! Mixing different shades of one colour in an outfit is fine. And this Summer mixing dark red and pink in an outfit is completely in!

Outlandish blog colour blocking fashion

The colour wheel does not encourage you to mix for example yellow and purple. But in my eye this combination does not look bad at all, as I mentioned in an earlier post. In fact it looks good! Same goes for mixing red and blue. For a daring dresser I encourage to go for it and try! Mix and match, take outfit pictures and see yourself which outfit the “contrary” colours really work in. And then wear it with pride!

When you mix primary or contrary colours together it’s called colour blocking. There is one person in particular who, I think, masters this brilliantly and that person is Victoria Beckham. I mean orange and blue should never work together but they do! Just take a leaf out of Victoria’s book and you’ll be fine mixing and matching as you like.

At the end of the day, though, about 70% of your look is up to how you carry yourself and your chosen outfit. So, even if you’ve mixed up some bold colours you can totally pull it off if you walk on the streets with your head held high and a smile on your face. :)

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