things people don't know

10 Things That People Don’t Know About Me

things people don't know

My blog has grown quite a lot and fast lately. Welcome to the Outlandish Adventure, y’all lovely people! ♥

In order to welcome the newcomers, and to give you all a better picture of the person who’s behind everything you see here, I thought I’d document some facts about myself every now and then.

Let me just point out that I am a very honest person and I have nothing to hide, so some of these confessions might seem a bit weird to you, but hey, we’re all weird at the end of the day, right? ;) So, here goes the first chapter of my honest confessions to you, my darling reader.

10 Things That People Don’t Know About Me

1) I believe in ghosts

or angels, I’m not really sure. No, I’m not a religious person at all, but I just can’t imagine how on Earth I could have made it alive to this day considering everything that’s happened to me along the way (we’re talking about some hard core shit ass luck), unless there’s been some sort of guardian spirit watching over me.

I’ve discussed this with a lot of people and it seems like a lot of us have that feeling sometimes, especially when we’re at home alone, that we’re actually not alone. No? Okay, you can call me crazy, I will not deny it :D

2) I regret burning my bridges against mum’s explicit advice

Yeah, this was a proper learning experience for me; at one of my many jobs we had to endure a sadistic, absolute cow (sorry cows!) of a manager who verbally abused us all constantly. It was obvious she had serious self esteem and mental health issues, but nothing gives a person the right to behave the way she did towards her employees.

So, when I finally resigned, I decided to write her a letter. A polite letter thanking the team for the years I had worked there and explaining what amazing people she had working for her. I also suggested that she could perhaps review some of her behavioural models towards said employees, and possibly try and soften up a bit.

I had all the best intentions, I was just looking after all my colleagues who I had become to love and respect.

Later on when I was a jobless graduate I reached out to those colleagues asking if they had any vacancies. They did but the manager’s comment to my application was “Why would she wanna work here if she hates me so much?

I had screwed up my own chances of getting out of joblessness during recession. In a way I had ensured my own unhappiness and depression for over a year. Remember peeps, everything you do has consequences for many years to come.

But if I ended up in a similar situation now, would I do it again? Most probably yes, I would.

things people don't know

3) I’m a lazy person

Understatement! I’m a SUPER lazy person. If I could, I’d just chill by a pool or a beach drinking a delicious cocktail with absolutely no interest in any responsibilities.

But as it is, blog posts don’t write themselves and social media content doesn’t just magically appear out of thin air. I have to admit it, though, as much as I do do, I could do a shit load more if I just put my full effort into it. But I’m lazy, I really love my free time, which doesn’t include any tasks, schedules or responsibilities.

Thank goodness I have a boyfriend who keeps me in check and makes sure that I execute at least the necessary things in order to move forwards in life.

4) Honestly, I love my life

I have my struggles, like we all do, but perhaps because of them I’ve learned to always look on the bright side. And seriously, having been born in Finland, and been given every effing opportunity in life from birth, regardless of my gender, beliefs or opinions, means that I don’t really have proper problems.

That’s why every time I complain about something, I add a mental hashtag to it: #firstworldproblems. Because my “problems” are on the level of ‘I can’t decide what to eat today!‘ and ‘I have nothing to wear!‘ and ‘why, oh why can’t I afford a Chanel bag!?‘.

See what I mean? I ain’t got no problems :D But being of Finnish descent, complaining is a big part of my DNA, which I cannot get rid of. But what I can do is to look at the big picture and admit to myself, and everyone else, that at the end of the day I’m really well off.

things people don't know

5) I drink too much

That’s a bit of honesty in your face, right there!

Yes, some weeks there’s just too much going on where alcohol is involved; like one week this month I had a Skype date with my best friend living in Slovakia, which basically replaces all those after-works that we used to have when I was living in Slovakia, so we always drink wine while gossiping.

After that we had an after-work with my colleagues (it was Friday, after all) and then on Saturday I had dinner, and a lot of drinks, with a former colleague who I hadn’t seen for a year. Fact is, we Finns and Estonians like a drink. And we won’t ignore any excuse for it!

6) I make a big deal out of a simple ponytail

I’ve got this problem called Scandinavian hair. Which means hair that’s very thin, almost see-through, there’s not much of it, and what’s there is extremely weak. I’ve got bold patches because I can lose a chunk of hair all of a sudden just because the weather changes.

It sucks so much that I can’t even describe it!

And because of this I can rarely sport a regular ponytail. But if I do, it must be a high ponytail. With a low ponytail, I literally look like a half-bold boy of around 12 years of age. That’s how thin my hair is: when gathered tightly together, it almost disappears. Here’s another addition to my list of #firstworldproblems .

things people don't know

7) I am extremely embarrassed of blushing… which makes it even worse

Another Scandinavia-related topic, skin. Extremely thin and fragile, just like my hair, which means that even the slightest changes in skin colour show immediately. The slightest touch of tan makes my whole outlook completely different and when I blush, I feel like the glow radiating from my face makes the streets around me red.

It’s soo embarrassing especially because I’m not shy! I don’t get embarrassed, so why on Earth do I blush?! Most often for no reason whatsoever; I can blush just for saying ‘Hi’ to a friend… It doesn’t make any sense.

And my boyfriend has this super annoying habit of pointing it out. Which obviously makes it 10 times worse, so the streets really are glowing red around me. You can add the # here as well.

8) My diet is in one word ‘horrendous’

I’m often asked if I work out, and the honest answer is “Never.” Yeah, I go running couple times a week, 2 months a year, but I don’t think that’s enough to keep one’s physique in tick.

My diet is another thing that doesn’t make any sense when looking at me; I don’t eat breakfast, my lunch is most often just a simple pastry with spinach and feta cheese in it, and in the evening I either order pizza or pasta, or just collect a tube of Pringles on my way home and manage with that.

I’ve lived like this for about 10 years now, but don’t weigh 200 kg. But I do keep well away from body composition measurements provided by the workplace because I’m well aware of my insides largely consisting of nothing but fat. As long as I’m able to live a perfectly normal life with this body, why bother?

Not putting any pressure on myself, when it comes to food, is one of the reasons why I love my life so much. I love eating, so don’t anyone ever dare tell me not to eat exactly what I like.

things people don't know

9) I’m an ‘attention whore’

Yep, another honest confession. And I’m not sorry to be so! I know my worth and I will not settle for anything less. That, of course, means that I enjoy attention and if I feel I’m not noticed enough I will make sure I will be!

I sound really annoying, right? I’d never steal the spotlight from anyone, though. Instead, ‘attention‘ in my case means that I just hate being ignored. Simple things like not answering a text can put me on edge and I will not hold my tongue.

But at the same time I don’t need any special attention, just regular respect and communication. They seem to be challenging to acquire sometimes in this world of “busy-important” people who are too interested in themselves to grant anyone else any attention. One needs to make sure they don’t allow themselves go unnoticed.

10) My favourite part of my body are my collar bones

The area between boobs and one’s neck is most often classified as the sexiest part of a woman’s body, regardless of their age or size. And I agree. My favourite piece of clothing are pardot neckline tops because they leave my shoulder and collar bones bare, which I think looks good.

I do also like my legs, though. When wearing heels! Without heels I’m just short, but heels elongate legs and makes them look skinnier. And there’s no denying, skinny legs look nice. Just my opinion.


That was quite an honest collection of facts about me. I hope you’re not too shocked or baffled. I just think it’s always best to be your honest self, because that’s how you make the people around you feel like they can be their honest selves as well. And what could be better?

So, here’s your chance; are there any “embarrassing” or dubious facts about you that you normally wouldn’t confess to anyone but your best friend? Comment below what it is and I can guarantee, there’s plenty of us in the same team ;) xx


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